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Dorian Pavus by Psychdelia
Dorian Pavus

I hate when scans end up looking different than the physical copy. Like. Super different. This is so flat, while mine is so much more layered…. This is why I can’t wait until I get a computer fixed so I can draw on photoshop. 

ANYWAYS, Dorian Pavus because yup. Now that I have his face down, maybe I’ll doodle him as qunari tomorrow, because HELL yeah. 

Antoinette and Tony Comparisons. by Psychdelia
Antoinette and Tony Comparisons.
In one of the many AU's I have, Tony is a girl. Her birth name is Antoinette, though she just goes by Tony. Her face model is inspired partially by Illana Glazer, one of my absolutely heroes and idols, who also happens to act exactly like Tony Stark, lmfao. 

For Inktober Day 4, I designed Antoinette, as well as made sure to compare her and guide her off of Tony Stark's natural canon face. I can see a lot of mess-ups I did- In all of them but the forward facing Antoinette piece, I made their heads too flat- But I'm still proud. 

And I'm REALLY proud of how Antoinette's face turned out. I think she looks just the right amount like Tony, while also still looking at least a little feminine. :)
Horns of Gold 'n Red by Psychdelia
Horns of Gold 'n Red
This is Tony Stark in an AU where Curtis is a demon and starts corrupting our beautiful engineer, here. Slowly turning him into a demon, as well. Aw, it's so sad, but ain't he cute?
I know it's been a while. I know most of you PROBABLY don't even remember me, or don't even care. But with the advent of Inktober- IE, draw one piece a day, with the only final medium being ink- I decided to jump back on here to give some activity to my wall. 

Not to mention, I miss all of you. REALLY badly. And I want to talk to you again! So I'll try to be getting on at least once a day, if not more often ('cause lets be real, darlings... I'm a whore for attention.)

Feel free to say hi... I just.... Really miss y'all. Can't wait to get creative with you again. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hello, my sweet honey pots of loveliness. I'm Kris, but feel free to nickname me as you want. I don't care which pronoun you use for me, be it them, she, or he, or whatever other ones there are. As for who I am, that is the question, is it not? Alright, I'll quit playing around. I am quick to make friends, so do not feel anxious to approach and comment with me, for I will welcome you with a loving embrace.

I am an artist, though it is a hobby, not a profession, and I would not hesitate in saying that my artwork needs vast improvement, considering that as it stands, it sucks. However, as far as I can gather, it is improving, though I am still a long way from any greatness. I also write, having to thrust pen to paper to release some of my more occultistic thoughts. Honestly, my writing has a lot of religious undertones to it, though not in the way that a lot of people would imagine. I've a philosophic mindset, and often have strange views regarding the world and its inhabitants.

Any support, feedback, conversing, anything is heavily appreciated. I love all of you, and much largely thank you for visiting my page.

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